Cant delete board I created

  • 9 February 2021
  • 3 replies

Doesn’t seem to be a way to delete the board. 

3 replies

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Hi @Zenka 

Welcome to the Miro Online Community!

Please follow this documentation/guide

I hope it will help you to solve your issue!

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@Zenka -

What happens when you open the board itself and click on its name in the top left toolbar area? The resulting dialog box should give you the option to delete it:


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@Zenka - Do you have more than one Miro account, i.e., do you sign in to Miro with more multiple email address? When looking at your screenshot, while the board you are trying to delete does say that the owner is “Zenka”, if it belongs to the signed in user, it should say “me”, as a board down further in the list shows:


If you do have more than one Miro account profile and they belong to the same team, you may want to consider changing the account profile names slightly to eliminate confusion, e.g. “Zenka C.” - here’s where you can change the profile name (this is also the name that shows up beside your cursor when on a board):


Here’s some more info on this from a recent, similar post: