Can the Kanban template in Miro support a recurring/repeating task?

  • 14 November 2023
  • 1 reply

I use the Kanban template really heavily for my daily to-do lists. One of the features I’d love to be able to put on it is repeating/recurring tasks (like quarterly, yearly, monthly tasks), where it shows up in one stream (backlog), I move it to done for the month, and then it reappears in the backlog with a new ‘due date’.


Or open to other thoughts and solutions for how others have maybe incorporated recurring tasks into Miro templates, if a Kanban structure really wouldn't be suitable!

1 reply

Hello Johanna,

the same feature I’ve been looking for :-) Did you already get feedback from anybody? I’ve tried the support chat, they’ve proposed sticky notes which I should mark with a symbol that indicates the task as recurring. Not really helpful for me though