Can I make more than 1 team?

  • 3 March 2021
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Hello all

very new to this so might be a really basic question but I am responsible for multiple teams at work and want to create separate teams for different projects. I can’t work out how to do that - is it possible on a free account?




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3 replies

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@Lucy Skilbeck - To clarify your wording, I am assuming you are responsible for multiplle teams "of employees" and want to create multiple 'Miro" teams.

The Free Plan only allows for one team and no projects.

My suggesed strategy when using the Free Plan is to have everyone who does not already have a Miro account go to, create their own Free Plan team (and NOT trying to join another team if presented with a list of options!). Once this is done, one person on each team can add their co-workers to their team.

Hers is what I mean by "not joining another team":


Thanks Robert, that’s really helpful


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@Lucy Skilbeck -

You could also use different projects to segregate board access by different groups of users. You’d have a single team, but multiple projects within that, and boards would be created within the different projects.