Can I collapse and expand Mind Map nodes like other mind mapping tools

  • 11 January 2021
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30 replies

I was migrating from Mindmeister to Miro and was very disappointed to find out that MindMap nodes in Miro can’t collapse :disappointed:. This makes navigation more difficult and confusing for big maps. Hope they add this functionality soon.

Exactly - makes Mindmeister super compelling to keep - its a great tool and we love it.

Hi Miro

I really admire your tools and I have introduced working with Miro to many agencies. Being able to collapse certain parts of a Mindmap is an essential feature und its well overdue to implement it.

Honestly I could not believe that this was not implemented given the basic nature of the request and the number of requests.

Thank you for implementing soon.


Reading this thread, I think it’s time to move the outside Miro community and use Twitter - 

I Upvoted!

Can’t believe, this request is going on from 2 years!

It’s still #3 on ideas list!



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Hello all,

Drum roll 🥁… collapse and expand mind map branches is now LIVE!

Check out the product news post here for more details.

I want to personally thank everyone that has commented, voted and shared valuable insights on this topic - thank you. 

This thread will now be closed. Feel free to drop your comments and share your creations with others on the new product news post. 

Happy mind mapping,