Can guest editors use the embedded Google Drive feature?

  • 24 August 2020
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I’m on the Team plan and we have a board we are working on with some external clients. They love Miro and want to stay in it as much as possible, so I was thinking of embedding the Google spreadsheet we are also working on (they have access to that too through a shared link) so they can edit it right in Miro. Will that work, or do I just need to include the link and have them edit it in Google proper in a separate tab?


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2 replies

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@Maya Manning I had never considered this before. After a quick test of enabling Guest Editor mode and opening that URL in a Chrome Incognito window, as the Guest Editor, when I click on the embedded document (a Google Sheet), I am prompted by Miro to authorize my Google Drive account to access this document. Therefore, no, it is not possible.

As you suggested, you should provide a link directly to the Google document.

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Hi @Maya Manning,

I wanted to quickly jump in and let you know that it will only work if the guest editor is logged in to Miro, has Google Drive integration in place and the google file is shared with them directly.