Can 2 users with their own individual Consultant Plan collaborate in full on a board?

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I am working with a consultant friend of mine and we both own our own consultant licenses. We want to collaborate in full on a board using our own individually paid for plans.

Is this possible yet? I see from some previous discussions some time ago that this was not available but was a potential wish list item, has this progressed at all?

Seems reasonable to me that 2 fully paid for Miro users should be able to use what they pay for and collaborate on a collaboration tool…

Thanks in advance. 


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@Mark Rollins -

Unfortunately, unless one of you is collaborating using the anonymous guest editor access method which is free, you would have to pay for each named full edit access user, even if they are paying separately for their own Miro account and boards. 

So in a worst case situation, if you have the following:

Company A, Consultant A, Board A

Company B, Consultant B, Board B

Consultants A & B wish to collaboratively work on Boards A & B. Without using the anonymous guest editor access method, Company A would be paying for two users and Company B would be paying for two users.


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Thanks Kiron, I appreciate you taking the time to reply.

Based on your explanation I understand logically how the charges are being calculated, its just a shame that Miro are unable to check at user level the license that they have paid for and allow extended collaboration based on the value they are investing in a license. Hopefully this will change in the future.

In the mean time we will work with what we have and be mindful of any charge implications, unfortunately this will mean that for some project we will be forced to look at other collaboration tools which whilst less feature rich will offer the commercial frameworks suitable to the project.