Browser wireframe won't move or adjust once placed

I drag a browser into the workspace and adjust its size. I then add shapes on top of it. But if I want to move it or resize it, I can’t. Clicking on the browser wireframe does nothing (no menu shows) and I can’t move it either.

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UPDATE: I noticed when I remove the background shape (white square background), then the browser wireframe is selectable again. Hopefully Miro fixes this though. A background shape shouldn’t matter. Thanks.

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@wazure - I tried to replicate the issue by adding a rectangle shape on top of a Browser wireframe shape, but I can still select and resize/move the wireframe shape (Chrome and Miro desktop app on Windows 11, 64-bit).


Are you doing something different? Was your shape larger than the wireframe or perhaps grouped or locked?

Thanks Robert, yes the white shape was in the background and larger than the browser. I took a video of it. It’s as if the browser becomes part of the shape, even though it’s not grouped, locked to it, or “sent to back”. I’m using Windows 11, Chrome.

In this gif I try different things to move the browser, but none work unless I remove the white background shape.

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@wazure - Ahhh, gotcha. I was always still able to select my browser wireframe object as I still had the text of “Browser” in the title and could click on that text. Once I removed the text, I could no longer click on the wireframe. However, if I remove the shape’s BG color, i.e., make it transparent, I can select the wireframe.

Another option would be to left-click-drag around everything and then filter to the wireframe (which is listed as a Frame):


Sorry, I was unable to upload a gif. The upload kept spinning, even though my file was less than the 5mb restriction (it was 2.3 mb).

Thanks for the suggestions. Changing the background color didn’t work, still couldn’t select the browser, but when I did select all by left-dragging around the whole thing, I was able to filter for the frame (browser) only. So at least that works.

I don’t see why the other way doesn’t work though. I should be able to select any object separately, especially when I have the background as “sent to back” or locked. Could Miro fix this? I could not move the browser even when the “Browser” text was still intact.


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If you have a paid subscription, you could send this as feedback via a support ticket by following these instructions:

Thanks for all your help Robert!