Bring back motion to presentation mode (sliding frames)

  • 2 June 2023
  • 1 reply

Hey miro folks,


I prepared a presentation in Miro using the motion transition effect where the view window slided from frame to frame on slide change. Now I am in big trouble because the presentation pattern was switched to instant flip just in a powerpoint presentation. Without the movement effect the audience does not know where they are in the bigger picture.

There is a “reduce motion” toggle in the settings which could be used to set this behavior beforehand. Now the toggle is still there but turning it off has no effect, still no motion. :(

1 reply

Okay turns out I can turn off dark background and the motion feature is restored. Interestingly, the dark background switch has no effect on the audience. Is it a bug or a feature? 

Documentation says:

Lightbox effect: Create a black border around frames so users can see exactly which content you're currently focused on. If you pan away or zoom out, the lightbox effect fades away.

Go to the presenter toolbar at the bottom of the screen, click Preferences > toggle on Dark background.


But when I share the board in a incognito browser tab with myself I don’t see any effect as participant. That would only be helpful when others look onto my screen (i.e. via screen sharing in video conference tool).