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  • 18 April 2022
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I like to organize stuff with miro. I would also like to organize things for me alone, like my private projects or things in my private life.

So i like to create a board just for myself, without any team.

Since i already can be part of multiple teams, i think, the implementation of “no team” would not be very difficult.


4 replies

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@La_rs - You can already make boards and projects "private" so that only you can see them.

Please have a read through the following Help Center articles:

Private boards


The help center article doesn't appear to explicitly state that you need to toggle this setting off to hide a project from all other team members:


Yeah i know about private boards (which are in fact only available if you pay for a “team of 2+”)

i’m asking for a “personal” board / boards. (maybe a one-user-subscription?)

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There is a one-person subscription: the Consultant Plan.

Go here and scroll down for more info:

oh thank you, i will look into it