Board Templates like MS Templates

  • 14 March 2022
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I know you can make boards a template, but if I put that out there for a “guest” to use, when they use it, does it function is a similar way to Microsoft products….meaning, when someone opens a template, it automatically creates a copy preserving the original template?

  • If it is possible, would love someone to let me know how.
  • If not possible, would love to see it as an option in the future.

1 reply

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@Stephen Carman - The board would not automatically copy to their account. They would have to click on the board title and use the Duplicate action.

Have a look at this post where I detailed the steps to do this - I also provided an example of a board in my account that is in View only mode for Visitors (it would be similar for Guests - you would would give these specific use View access):