Board has disappeared — panic mode

  • 24 October 2020
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I don’t usually open boards from my iphone but did so just now. 

It said something about updating stickies but seemed to hang for a while so I clicked the available ‘x’ in the corner. 

That took me back to my board list… but the board I was just on is missing. 



And I see no such thing as a trash. 

I did not ‘delete’ the board. 

Any ideas where it might be and how to get it back? 



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13 replies

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@processor - This is the second report of a missing board I have seen today - here’s the other one.

Are you able to find the board when signing from a browser on a desktop/laptop? If that doesn’t work, I would suggest that you reach out to the Miro Customer Support team directly by creating a ticket via this special form.

It would also be helpful for the rest of the community if you were to come back here and share what the Support team told you.

The board is not available from desktop. Very worrying. I have submitted a support ticket. 

Restored by the support team. phew! 


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@processor - Great news!

The same happened to me today. Please help and return the board!

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@Marianne Knibbe -

Please open a support request with Miro here (Submit a request – Miro Support & Help Center) as there’s not much the user community can do to help with such an issue.


Panic mode for me! All my boards disappeared!! Please support team make them reappear! Was just working on them this morning now, they’re all gone!

Thank you - I’d appreciate a quick response!

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@Andrew de Juan - If you haven’t already, please follow @Kiron Bondale’s advice and open a support ticket using the above link.

Thank you for that - I opened a support ticket now. 

The same happened to me- I am constantly changing between my ipad and macbook. All my boards and projects dissappeared-  So much time, creativity and hours lost…


If I had more energy I would have contemplated climbing to the top of the building 😭😭😭😭😭


Tried to reset, logout etc… No luck. 


Submitted a ticket.

With my issue, my colleague removed my consultant status which reverted me to freemium. I got reactivated and now my boards appeared back as well. 

Thank you for the reply. I only have the team option as it is only myself working on them. 

I tried to look for consultant function but doesn’t seem to be there. 


Hope Miro Support get back to me as soon as possible 




this is exactly what happened when i accessed the board through a phone. a very recent and important board just disappeared with no button on the interface to recover it.