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  • 24 October 2022
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Hello Miro community,

I have a question regarding sharing settings for the Board access.

I have created a Board in a Miro space with 200+ users in the Team (under a free plan).  I invited 8 members (including external guests) to access the Board and we are able to collaborate.  However, does this also mean that any of the 200+ users in the Team can access the board if access permission was not explicitly provided?

Many thanks for your help

4 replies

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@Anthony CP - You got it!

All Free Plan team members can see all boards in the team - this is because the Free Plan does not allow for Private boards/projects.

However, if you want to ensure that your select eight members can edit the board, you can

  1. share the board with them, giving them Edit access;
  2. and then set the team access to View:


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Hi @Anthony CP welcome to the Miro Community.

If you have setup the board so that “Anyone in the Team” can access, then yes all 200+ people will be able to interact with the board.  All boards created in a free team get automatically shared with the whole team. Board privacy within a team is only supported on paid plans. 

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haha @Robert Johnson you beat me by 2 seconds :)

Thank you Robert and Paul, appreciate the response. That clarifies it.