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  • 5 August 2020
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Currently, beside the pen tool there is a little eraser icon which allows for deletion of unwanted bits.


However, there is no “block/select” tool, which can then be used to draw out an area of a diagram which needs to be deleted.

This would be useful.


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@Patrick Degenaar I had never considered this functionality before. I do see that when I draw a line  with the pen tool, then switch to the eraser tool, and click-and-drag anywhere over the line, it disappears/deleted. If I needed to quickly delete a number of other objects on the board, it would be nice to use the eraser tool to do a quick click-and-drag over the item to delete it rather than click to select it and press [Delete] on the keyboard or to click the object’s menu and then the Delete option. I would suggest posting this as a Wish List item.

In the meantime, when you say “there is no “block/select” tool”, you can [Ctrl] + click multiple items (or [Shift] + click-and-drag) to select multiple objects on a board and then just press the [Delete] key.  

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Thanks Rob.. But it is not quite the same.

Basically the eraser will quickly delete drawings. But shapes need to be clicked on individually. that is fine if there only a few shapes. But if there is a complex bunch of shapes and drawings in a specific region, then it is more problematic.