Assigning alerts to team member

  • 9 October 2020
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When I add a team member to a card with a date this team member does not receive any notification that he has been assigned a task in the relevant Kanban. How will this team member know that he has been allocated a task?


Also we tried the @teammember attribute but it is also not working?


How do I let the relevant team memebers know that they have been allocates something on the board?


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@Thomas Lehner - This is currently expected behavior in that

  • notifications are not sent when you assign someone to a card and
  • you cannot @mentiion someone in a card.

Until Cards are enhanced, you will need to add a comment to the card and @mention people that way.

There is an existing Wish List Idea requesting more features be added to cards, including @mentions, so you may want to vote for that Idea and add any of your own comments: