Anyone else getting bugged by "New features unlocked" popup that won't go away?

  • 10 January 2023
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Doesn’t matter how many times I close, the ‘New Features unlocked” pop-up comes right back at me each time I open a new board. Am finding it rather distracting, and increasingly annoying.

Is it just me or anyone else out there experiencing the same and want to kill it with fire?


9 replies

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@Lucie A -

I’m seeing it too when I open a board which hasn’t been touched in a while but not on my frequently used boards.

I did a quick wish list idea search to see if anyone had already submitted a request to have this visible or not in the preferences and couldn’t find one so feel free to add one following the guidelines here: Wish List: Everything You Need to Know 🌠 | Miro


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Thanks @Kiron Bondale . For me the pop up is reappearing even for older boards that I dismissed the message on. It’s incessant 😩.


Now that I know I’m not the only one (thanks for your input!) I’ve submitted a support ticket as I’m presuming it’s not intended behaviour to have it there forever... and ever... and ever... and ever…..

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@Lucie A The mere existence of “What’s new?” popups have been quite heavily discussed… 😅

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Thanks for chipping in @Henrik Ståhl :)


I think the popup I’m looking at relates to the beta versions of Talk Track and Interactive Presentations I signed up to after Distributed, rather than actual product updates. But I ‘liked’ the thread you linked to for support - frequent popups are rubbish 💩.

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Ah, @Henrik Ståhl and @Kiron Bondale I figured it out - had nothing to do with beta features or new releases… just an (un)helpful prompt to get me to score a last item off a checklist.



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@Lucie A Mmm, those classy gamification checklists… 🤤

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Haha OMG, why does my emoji look like that?! The Apple emoji is quiiite different:


Its scary this was 8 months ago. This sounds like an ongoing issue still as of 9-15-23. So awesome lol. 

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Hi @Corey Riddle and everyone else!


Thank you for reaching out about this! We're confirming that this issue has been resolved by our team. Cheers!