After moving board to new profile (as owner), board does not appear in new profile

  • 24 January 2023
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Here’s what I did using 2 free Miro accounts.

  1. I created a board in profile 1 (i.e. user)
  2. I then moved the board from profile 1 to profile 2. I followed the steps here under the Free Plan section by inviting, sharing, and making profile 2 the new owner. Profile 1 remains a member with “can edit” permission.
  3. While logged in as profile 1, I continue to be able to see the board and also able to edit the board. I doubled checked the sharing settings section and Miro confirms that profile 2 is the new owner and profile 1 has “can edit” permission as a member.
  4. However, when I log into profile 2, the board I shared is nowhere to be found. 

I’ve tried logging out and back into both profile 1 and 2 but nothing. Appreciate if you can advise what I am missing.

1 reply

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@Julian Goh -

As the board’s URL is constant regardless of whether you access it under profile 1 or 2, you could try accessing it via its URL in profile 2 to see if that works. If it does, you could then move it to a team or project where you could then locate it.