After Login - No boards anymore


I didn´t work for several months, so also didn´t login to Miro.

Now starting work again, there is not one board available. My overview is totally empty…

How do I get my boards back?

What happened?

Hope somebody has an idea.

Kind regards


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Hi @Jessica Uhrig 

Welcome to the Miro Online Community!

First of all, make sure you are on the right team!

and can you share the screenshot of the issue? Can you access your boards from some other device?

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@Jessica Uhrig - As @Soumyadeep Mandal suggested, do make sure you have selected the right team. You can find the list of teams that your Miro account profile is a member of on the left-hand side of your Miro dashboard, e.g.:

 Also make sure that you have selected All boards:


Hi @Soumyadeep Mandal  and @Robert Johnson

thank you very much for your responses!

I have a team already included.

But in my all boards overview, nothing is shown:

It´s weird, because e. g. some miro boards that I created are still available. But when I enter them via URL, I have no permissions anymore….

I can save them through “starred boards” but also then they are not shown in “all boards”.

Is there something that after a specific time I am loosing my permissions for boards, even when I created them?

Can I see in the board, who the creator is or which people have access to the board?

Thank you very much and kind regards


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@Jessica Uhrig :

On the left site of the screen you see tow symbols

What happens if you click on the V:

Are your boards there?


Hello @mlanders ,

yes, under “V” is one board which I got approved now by a team member. But initially I created the board, so I don´t understand why I have to be approved again and it wasn´t in my overview…

Thanks and kind regards

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@Jessica Uhrig - Your screenshot (always helpful) show us that your team “Jessica” is a Free Plan team:


So what happens when you click on the Team profile settings button - how many boards does this screen say that this team has?


Also, how may other members/users on this team with you?


And what type plan of team is team “V”?

When you open a board by the URL and click on the title of the board, what does the board details window show you?


Hi @Robert Johnson ,

thanks very much for your support!

In my team profile settings are 0 boards and 1 member (me).

The V Profile is the company profile, there I don´t see any infomration about the members and boards.


Also if I open a URL I can´t click on the title of the board and see the pop up like in your screenshot. Also not in one board of the V-company profile I already was invited.

Any more suggestions?

Thank you and kind regards


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@Jessica Uhrig - Can you edit this board? If so, great. If not, you will need to reach out to some other people who work on this board and ask who is the owner/for a copy of it/etc.

Hi @Robert Johnson,

I found out that my user licence was expired. Now it works again.

But my created boards are still not there. Is there something in the free licence, that the boards disappear after three months when it´s not used?

Thanks and kind regards




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@Jessica Uhrig:

 I found out that my user licence was expired. Now it works again.

What changed? Did you renew your licence?

What plan type are you paying for?

I think you may need to reach out to Miro support - here is information on how to do that: