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  • 19 August 2020
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Is there a way to limit peoples’ access to an single board but not All boards?

I am using a free version at the moment.




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7 replies

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@Gene Gendel There are no private boards in the Free Plan - full details here.

You may also want to check out this help article of all Plans and Features.

thank you. understood.


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Actually, @Gene Gendel, I just discovered something that led me to come back here and re-read your question. In doing so, I believe I made a few assumptions.

First, if by people, I assumed you were referring to members of your Free Plan team? If yes, then we’re good to proceed.

Next, instead of asking for further clarification as to what you meant by, “limit peoples’ access to a single board”, (e.g., all other team members can only access one board; specific team members can access board A, but not board B, etc.), I will show you the ways in which you can limit access at the board level in a Free Plan.

  • Be default, all boards created in a Free Plan, by any team member (by either Team Admin or Member role), are editable by anyone on the team.
  • The person who created the board is the board Owner, e.g.:


  • Both the Team Admin and Member role can modify a board’s Share settings.
  • In the Share settings, there is an option for Team access to board:


  •  As the board Owner, if I change this setting to Can view, this makes that board View only for ALL other team members except for the board Owner, e.g., (the browser on the left is me as the Owner and the one on the rights is what the rest of the team sees/experiences):
  • Any team member, not just the board Owner can complete this action, but keep in mind that, if the person completing this access is not the board owner, they essentially lock themselves out of Edit mode and need to contact the board owner to request Edit again again, e.g. as the board non-Owner:



So, after all of that, back to your statement of, “limit peoples’ access to a single board”.

If, for example, you were the board owner for all three active boards in a Free Plan, you could set Team access to board to Can view for two of the three boards, therefore limiting their edit access to a single board.

Rob, this is helpful and I need to try. By the same token, is there a way to prevent other people from even accessing certain boards?  So, not just limiting their rights to View of a particular board but rather prevent them from opening that board altogether ?


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Sadly, no.. we’re back to the original answer of no Private boards in the Free Plan.


Is it possible to make a frame private? i know we have a hide feature, but if want to share a section of my board to the team, yet i don’t want everyone to have access to the rest of the frames is there a possible workaround that other than the hide function? thank you! 

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@Nelllaure - There is currently no private board objects feature in Miro. Here is a Wish List Idea post that you may want to upvote: