WIP limits in Kanban framework columns

Our team would like to see a feature in the Kanban framework where can apply a WIP limit to a column.

That WIP limit value

  • would show up in the header of the column. E.g. Column title is “In Progress”, so, if the WIP limit for that column was “3”, the column title may look like: In Progress (3);
  • if exceeded, there would be be a visual indicator. E.g., if a WIP limit of “3”, if four cards were in the column, the background colour would turn light red.

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@Robert Johnson -

That would be great and would make this closer to being a true Kanban board rather than just a regular work board!


Are we expecting to have WIP near soon?

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WIP limits would be great. I would prefer that you were not able to add a card to the column if you try and exceed the WIP...maybe even a pop-up with a message to shame you for trying. :)

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While I feel like this could be solved by having basic text formatting on the board titles, I think it would really enhance the experience. This is on of my team’s blockers from using the Kanban framework in Miro. 

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It reminds me of the joke

What do you call a boomerang that does not come back? A wood barrel


What do you call a Kanban without WIP? a todo list