Toggle on/off the "Bring All to Me"

  • 22 September 2020
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I facilitate trainings with several frames. I give participants tasks in one frame, or breakout rooms each with their own frame. Sometimes I want to “bring everyone to me” as I give instructions or a presentation, and then I want them to go and work somewhere else on the board. This situation also happens when I am providing specific support to different participants. 

But I can’t do that without bringing everyone else along with me. I want to have the “Bring everyone to me” also toggle to “release everyone from following” me.



This question was also asked here, and I want to raise it now as an idea/feature request:

20 replies

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Has this idea been seen by the development team? Of all the suggestions I’ve posted, this one would help the most.

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Are there any updates? It would be really helpful during workshops where participants are left to work by themselves for some time on specific tasks. For now, i’ve been using multiple account to be able to move around without making everyone move.

Please add this functionality!

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Or release this person!

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Any updates on this! It would be great to add this feature soon!

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C’mon Miro, it's VERY annoying this feature is not here yet. Went from Mural to Miro, almost am going back because this feature is lacking.

Colleague wanted to follow me only briefly, but then forgot to unfollow me. He was on another board in a presentation and I could not shake him off for a really long time. So please implement some kind of "don't follow me no longer" feature. 

There’s a work-arround: Every participant is able to end to following-mode by himself. They have to click on the moderators avatar in the topbar (tagged with a black eye).

I have been facilitating a number of workshops recently and this feature would be extremely helpful.

I have used the approach in the interim of launching miro twice as different users, one to guide everyone and one to review other parts of the board, but this eats up a ton of CPU on my PC having multiple giant boards open at one time.


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I have another use case for this feature: We have a TV screen set up in our office which shows our Miro Board. Having this feature would allow me to set the screen to desired view without using the computer attached to the screen. After setting the screen I want to disable the following so it doesn’t change anymore when I move around on my local machine.

So important You clearly need to be able to turn off everything you turned on once.

This function is essential. 

+1 from me too - not having it makes the “attention management” useless.

Maybe just copy the Mural function: a message at the top of the screen, “You’re being followed by XXX - click here to release them”

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is this available as yet??

This would be so so so helpful - is it a planned feature at all?

Wow, had no idea this items would be so hotly requested. I am in the same boat as everyone else here - please include a “release everyone” type of feature, it would be so helpful.