Nested Frames

  • 4 March 2021
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I would like to be able to add frames that can be nested in larger frames, so that I can move the larger frame around with the smaller frames inside. This will help collaboration where we’re running multiple studies for multiple teams and frames serve as the Table of Contents. 

5 replies


It is to me strange that not everyone is asking for this.

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@Rachel Fleming @ChrisK @Bengt Ellison :

The answer is simple: This wish still exists. It is a Part of this wish:

@Marina could this be implemented?


@mlanders I’m not sure I totally agree with you. The layer functionality asked for is soo much more. This feature is pretty straight forward. 

but in general attaching something to something else in miro is a nightmare (grouping manually is needed) I’m coming from using Lucidchart and M$ Whiteboard and there is soo many features that is missing. Attaching handwriting to something Allow drawing on sticky notes | Miro and icon text without grouping. Starting to get frustrating. 

This is more important than it might seem. Nested frames gives us not only a visual way of having sub-groups, they give us a SEMANTIC way of grouping things, other than stand-alone frames. 

Currently, if you have content in a frame and you want to group items within it, you have to group them (which leaves no visual mark and so it is only a help for manipulation), or put them inside a shape like a rectangle, which does not have a semantic link, only visual, so it cannot be manipulated easily, or exported. 

Basically, just allow any nested frame to be moved/exported/manipulated as part of the parent frame, and problem solved. I imagine there are more technical difficulties, but at a high level, that’s all we need.  

This one is a big deal Miro! Please implement it.