Allow drawing on sticky notes

  • 19 February 2020
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At this point, I’d take anything for improvements there. The current setup is basic enough I never use it. 

The Mural feature of being able to create a sticky note and then draw in it is nice for the continued atomization of ideas. 

The current absolute high-water mark for Miro-like conceptual drawing on the iPad is on iPad.

11 replies

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Hi @Jeremy Pollack! 👋
It’s Tolya, I’m responsible for cross-device experience at Miro. Thank you very much for the feedback!


The Mural feature of being able to create a sticky note and then draw in it is nice for the continued atomization of ideas. 

Yes, I agree that it would be handy, we have "Drawing on stickies" in the backlog.

The current absolute high-water mark for Miro-like conceptual drawing on the iPad is on iPad.

I feel you, Concepts app has a lot of interesting native things for Apple Pencil.
Jeremy, could you please tell me what you usually use Miro tablet app for? And what things do you like more in Concepts app?

Hi @Tolya Filippov,


Agree the drawing in stickies would be a huge benefit and the one major downside of Miro compared to Mural. Do you know when this might be implemented?




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Hi @Michael Douglas. We are thinking of this functionality in Miro, but no ETA so far. Stay tuned!


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While it’s not perfect I still can group my drawings with a sticky note as a workaround for ‘real drawing’ on stickies …

But I’m kind of lost whenever I want to draw with my Apple pencil on my iPad and the Miro app uses the touch drawing mode instead of Apple’s pencil drawing. So I can’t rest my palm on the iPad while drawing with the pencil :(   At least without accidentally creating additional artifacts ...
Any idea how this can be fixed (or when, if it need Miro to fix this)? 

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Within a Miro board I think it would be cool to be able to place a sticky note and then draw on that sticky note. Currently if you do this and try to move the sticky note then the drawing does not move and they are two separate things. 

When having a brainstorming session or retrospective etc then it gives the user the option to provide handwritten sticky notes rather then typed or using the awesome stickies capture feature!

I appreciate that this is possibly aimed more at those using a tablet with stylus or a desktop user with a graphic tablet but it would be a great user experience! :grin:

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Hi @George Sofroniou ,

you can draw on a note an can group it and then you are able to move and resize it together as one object.


This feature would really boost your product!
I really need to sketch while working on a User Story Map with my team.

Hope you’ll implement this feature soon.

“Good Notes” App is also a very good reference when it comes to iPad (Pro)



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Hi @Niels @David Coales @Trianta @Coach4Agile @Michael Douglas @Jeremy Pollack 

Thanks for the requests! We are working on the improved experience of the Miro iPad app with Apple Pencil.

If you are open to talk with me about your experience and try out a prototype, please choose a convenient time slot for you via this link.

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Hi Tolya, @Tolya Filippov 

I stumbled upon this thread. I created a topic on this issue.

I agree that Concepts is a great app with a lot of similarities to the Miro mindset.

When working in the Apple ecosystem you can use Universal Clipboard to transfer transparant drawings directly from Concepts to the Miro board. This really give a boost to productivity. I must admit though that this functionality can be very frustrating when it’s not working due to some settings.

Integrating a kind of button “direct to miro” in Concepts would be fantastic or having an extra window inside Miro thats linked to an external pressure sensitive input device (ipad, galaxy note, wacom, ...) would be fantastic. So a collaboration between two companies/apps in that matter could create magic. Like you do with other more IT related apps. Looking to the creative communities like industrial design, illustration and others that have sketching as an essential skill Miro has opportunities to grow. 

I’m open to sharing insights and showing cases. 


I would really like to have the same way of integration of the drawing with the Apple Pencil in Miro as supported by the Apple Notes app. 

I think apple provides a library that allows you to easily integrate this feature.

Looking forward to seeing this feature coming since it would be a gamechanger on collaboration and closing the gap between analog and digital whiteboards. 


Thanks a lot!


Since the moment I got a Wacom tablet, I wanted to be able to draw/write on a post-it instead of typing in text. This would bring Miro even closer to real whiteboard feel!