Hierarchy of frames (simpler than frames I guess)

  • 19 April 2020
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Hi there! I use many frames during a training and it’d be easier to find them while moving around if I could be able to divide frames into “groups” or “folders”, than I could show and hide while navigating the frames sidebar.




4 replies

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Hello Alan!


There is another thread in the Ideas forum about Layers, and I think that’s probably the metaphor that’s closest to solving your request. Layers with grouping.

Hi there,

@Peter Green, do you mean this idea?

@acyment, please let us know if this is what you are after, and I will just merge the two topics :wink:

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Tks for the pointer, Peter. I’d say this proposal is a subset of the layers feature you are proposing. All I need is to have a hierarchy in the sidebar, no change of functionality canvas-wise. If the team can tackle both features at the same time, then by all means merge the items!




I agree with the request and want it mainly for the frames list, not necessarily the canvas. We have a Miro board for all our team brainstorms, and we now have 60+ frames (and counting). I would be really nice to be able to organize the frames in the list to have folders or ability indent/nest some frames under vs. over other frames.