Hide Email Addresses / Other Members for Some Team Members

  • 11 January 2021
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It would be incredibly useful to be able to prevent (some) team members from seeing who is a member of the same team and their email address.  Perhaps this is a new level of team membership, or some more granular permissions.

At the moment, if I add a user to a team they can see all other members and their email addresses. Whilst this might be fine when using Miro in company, it is a GDPR nightmare for using Miro with public training sessions.

We are a training company using Miro for public training and currently we have a TEAM called “Delegates”, which contains a PROJECT for each course event (e.g. Excel Basics - 2021-01-01).  Each PROJECT contains one BOARD per exercise in the course (eg. EX01, EX02, ...).

The ideal would be to add delegates for a specific course event to the PROJECT for that event, automatically granting them access to all boards within.  The only way to do this is to add them as member of the “Delegates” TEAM for the duration of the event, which then allows them to be added to the PROJECT for the event.

However, doing this means that they can view the members of the PROJECT and the whole “Delegates” TEAM, along with all email addresses.  That means they can see any delegate who is taking any course at the same time as them.  We don’t have permission to share email addresses with individuals on the same course.  We certainly do not have GDPR permission to share email addresses with everyone taking a course with us at the same time in this way!

Ultimately, what we end up doing is adding delegates to all the BOARDS for each course individually, which takes a long time and poses issues if new boards are added to the course event’s project and not properly shared at board level.

In addition, because adding a user permission at BOARD level drops that board into the user’s “All boards” folder, and not under a “Projects” link, it can prove very difficult for a delegate who has attended multiple courses to navigate to the correct boards for the specific course they are now attending.

I have added an additional new idea for surfacing these projects even when sharing is done at board level here:

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Hi Mark,

Do you know if this feature has now been added? For me it would be a complete blocker from using Miro.