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  • 12 October 2020
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While in a board that has a Start view set, I would like the option to return/go/link to the start view.

Use case
My board's Start view contains the workshop agenda, which links to various activities locations on the board. Once at these locations, users need to get back to agenda/home location.


  • My workaround has been to create a rectangle shape with a transparent background and border (making it "invisible") that mirrors the size/location as my start view.
  • From various locations on the board, I link back to my “invisible” start view.
  • These links back to the start view of the board are repetitive and always back to the same location.

Implementation options

  • Shortcuts → Ctrl + H or Shift + Ctrl + H
  • Right-click context menu → Go to Start view
  • Board settings → Go to Start view
  • Link to → Start view
  • Button beside board name (if start view set)

Some mockups




5 replies

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This would be incredibly helpful. One hotkey that takes you back to Start View.

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Love this suggestion Robert, it needs more votes!

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@Robert Johnson :

A real cool and good idea - it would be a real timesaver … mh … addiional would be the following cool:

Adding more than one Home (areas)

Yesterday I had a class and I jumped in this class 3 times into different frames … contiuned my class jump back to my beginning frame … so it would be great if there are additonal buttons that would automaticly placed into the header after I choosed: “Make it a second Homebutton”


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@Robert Johnson :

I added this graphic to show how it could be implemented:




If this was a ‘Return to start view’ button that people could click themselves (eg. from the settings menu, or in the Collaborators tray), this would be even more helpful if you wanted to to update the start view over a series of sessions, so that people came to a different start view each time.

See discussion here: 

(In fact, it’s more like being able to set and change a ‘Home’ view, that people can return to anytime, rather than just a start view for the very first time they enter.)