Forced Screen sharing/Bring everyone to me

  • 9 September 2020
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Taking Attention Management up a few notches, there are times when I need to take back control of a session and ensure that the board participants are focused on what I am trying to show them.

I would like to be able to force a screen share/bring everyone to me so that their screens are seeing exactly what I am seeing and they can no longer control/move the Miro board.

I know the existing screen sharing/bring everyone to me also has its own challenges around the embedded content not displaying, so a 3rd party solution (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.) may still work better for the foreseeable future. If so, then perhaps the feature request becomes “Temporarily disable all editing of board” - I will post this next.

3 replies

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Yes, this whole topic of “attention management” is important to facilitators and trainers. “Bring to Me” is an amazing feature that I use almost every session, and I have participants who have wandered off ask me to “bring me to you again please”. It would be nice to also be able to

  • “Keep everyone with me” and
  • “release everyone” (also a separate IDEA post)

‘Keep everyone with me’ would be a fantastic function.

I want to echo @Robert Johnson's idea and bump it up to get attention. 

Miro is fantastic for workshop facilitation and collaboration on ideas. What I really need as a facilitator is to be able to present from my board and lock everyone's focus. Screen sharing almost achieves this. But we rely on participants to join the screen sharing.  
Like Robert, I think we need to be able to make everyone join screen sharing and watch what I am presenting. As a board owner and facilitator, I would call that presentation mode. 

My workshops start with a presentation to set the scene. I use images in frames as slides and present from that first. Then we breakout into interactive use of the board as I unlock objects. 
I want to start presenting / screen sharing and have everyone join me as we kick off the workshop. I want them to see my presentation of my frames, automatically joining the screen sharing session. 
This would make the board even more powerful for presenting remotely. Otherwise I have to use Teams or Zoom to share my screen and control what they see to start with. 

I'm keen to hear if anyone else supports this idea.