Diversity in IconFinder

  • 20 June 2020
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So, I’m working on a project and started using IconFinder. The majority of icons for people I found feature skintones typically associated with Caucasians. There is almost no diversity in color or hairstyles. Also, when I searched for “Family” it was all white, heterosexual couples.

In 2020, this is unacceptable! Come on, Miro, let’s add some diversity to the IconFinder!

3 replies

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Hi @Erik Rueter ,


what Icon are you searching for.

For instance if you search for pride you can see the following:


Here you have more options to find things.


The iconfinder is an external tool that is implemented in miro.
If you like to have additional graphics you should contact the creators of it:


Hi Michael.

I was looking for everything ranging from “Family” to “Accountant” to “Nurse” to “Tech Support.” With very few exceptions, the icons presented were all white people. Even in your example for “Pride,” you can see that all the skin tones indicate people of caucasian descent. Additionally, having to specifically search for pride to find an icon of two men standing together (without kids) when looking for a family is problematic in and of itself.

Thanks for the tip about iconfinder being an external integration. I’ll raise my concern with as well.

Have a good one, and happy Pride Month!


Im working with a team in Africa and the lack of diverse people groups represented in the emojis is pretty icky.