Bring back double click to add the last object used

  • 29 December 2021
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Please bring this back as it was or as an option for user to set it on or off. It was very usable functionality and I am shocked to see it gone.

22 replies

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The double click feature to use the last object used again was realy helpful. I, and based on what ive read in the community would love, would love if this feature comes back.

Here is a wild idea. What if we could add another object of the last object we created just by double clicking? We could create so much more so fast on our boards. This is a killer idea I just thought of with no outside inspiration. Let me know what you think. Is it even possible? I know it is a bit radical and controversial.

Please bring this back!

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The removal of this feature keeps catching me out. Double-clicking away expecting a sticky note to appear. It doesn’t. The pain is real.

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I agree. Please bring this back.

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This sounds awesome! I hope Miro team adds this. Someone might think that it is confusing if people keep deleting the notes they create with this, but that would not make much sense. It would be like linking ice cream sales to shark attacks. But even if someone was to think like that it could be created as an option that people can turn on and off for themselves.

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Hi, I saw miro ban double click to add sticky note feature according to this thread:


However, I do use this feature a lot in my work, that is how I can use miro to divergent my thinking at a very fast pace. Without that feature, my thinking being ditrupted by rightclick to add sticky note.


Sincerely hope miro can bring double click to add sticky note feature back, might be good if it become an optional feature so user can turn it on or off according to their perference.

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 This seems like a big mistake. Your research is flawed. Please bring back double tap to repeat last action

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@Gary D. Jacobs @L Farley @EasonC13 @Mitchell Shack thank you for your feedback! You can follow this thread for updates (when we have them) + I added a couple of quick recommendations for alternative ways of adding sticky notes there as well – hope you will find them helpful :raised_hands:

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I think this feature was removed because of a misunderstanding of the users and a discutable strategic choice. And of course it have been tested on users, but if you test the removing of a feature only on the people who complaint, you are not doing user testing, you are creating a group confirmation bias !

At least, create a toggle to bring it back ON if we want as a Power User, and leave it OFF for the noob who don’t understand double clicking in 2022 … and I’m pretty sure that people who have problem with a double click in 2022 are not your targeted clientele. ;-)

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I absolutele NEED this feature. It makes my work so much slower, since that feature ist missing!

Please bring that feature back or make it optional for users!

Thank you!

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I never thought dropping this behavior would make the experience of using Miro so much slower and painful… please, at least give us the ability to turn it on/off. It really feels like I'm using a software from the 90s.

Instead of removing the feature, here are a few ideas based on what I’ve read about the data driven decisions:


  • Just add it as a setting that people can enable/disable as they please
  • Change it from last object to post-it-note only
    • I imagine a lot of people delete them straight away because they wanted another object, such as a post it note. 
  • Allow company admins to decide whether they want it or now
    • Some companies may use it a lot more than others depending on the type of work they focus on, this still provides the option to have the feature or remove it

I guess these are some of the pitfalls of data driven decisions. You potentially annoy/alienate minorities that may well be power users and vocal advocates for the platform.

My work is so much slower with this feature missing! Not to mention the time I wasted trying to figure out why it wasn’t working anymore. 

PLEASE bring this feature back, this was such a great feature that made entering info on my board quick and easy. Making this an optional feature will keep everyone happy.

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We’ve got to bring back this option. It is much hard to work quickly within Miro without this feature. 

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Please bring it back with a toggle in settings, so that people can decide if they find double-click useful to create last selected object. 


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As a workaround, what works for me:
When you press “n” on your keyboard, 
the mouse pointer will change into a sticky note pointer
one mouse click will add the last colour/type sticky note to where you click at. 

Also, when you type into a sticky note, hit TAB (while you’re still in edit/typing mode) and it will open a blank sticky note ready to edit next to it. 

I use miro on a daily basis in a large proportion of my work to document during interviews and workshop discussions. The double click feature made it so fast to shoot out stickies!!!! A dream! Especially when I’m alone and don’t have someone to support me.

Sorry, the “n” workaround is not a replacement. Not only does it force me to have the wrong hand on the key “n” (it’s on the right side of the keyboard but that hand is on the trackpad at that moment) but it also makes the sticky selection on the right side of the miro board pop out AND for some reason offer me different n-spellings (with the tilde on top etc.) which is just incredibly distracting.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be smart and humble and step back from this decision miro! Give us back the double click!!!

Bring this back! It makes work incredibly slow without it. 

I may not need it for objects such as shapes and frames, however for post its that you tend to break up thoughts onto new post in a short amount of time, its necessary

Oh man… I really miss this feature. Made me feel crazy until I came on here and found friends!!

The scary thing is I would often double-click to create an item, and then delete it :grimacing:

Sometimes it was a mistake (I was confused about which item would show up) but more often it was because I’m facilitating a session and I was getting ready to add something, but then the team decided that it wasn’t needed. And I have found that having the blank item there added some facilitating pressure to either commit to adding the thing, or move on… And now that quirk has contributed to this rad feature being deleted :sob:

Also - would support it being an opt in feature (via user settings)!

Ugh I thought this was a bug too. So sad to know it got removed. Feels much clunkier to have to use other methods to make a sticky note. N shortcut does not create the rectangular note I want, tab does not let me control the placement of the note. 

Now the only option is to have the right coloured and sized sticky note copied so I can paste it repeatedly. Until I forget and copy paste something else and have to create the blank note to copy again. Repeat 😭. Copy paste is too cross platform for reliable sticky note creation. 

Would greatly appreciate an equivalent shortcut - doesn’t have to be the double click, maybe if the N shortcut also supported the rectangular sticky note and colour?