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  • 8 October 2020
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I love using Miro for building screen maps. But… using Sketch, I copy and paste in, or use the plugin. But I want to add borders to my images!

My frames, especially when working with screens that are very light, end up being weird green-greys to give a definite border. Feels like an easy fix?

8 replies

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@Jamie Ambler -

As a workaround, why not just drop a rectangular shape in the color you want under the image with its size being slightly larger than the image itself?


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It’s a great shout Kiron, thanks for the workaround - a little painful to do with 300+ screens, but definitely would work until (hopefully) a the change is implemented

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This simple feature would be invaluable.  I often paste screenshots in and when the screenshot has a lot of white in it and I place it on a white frame, I wish I could EASILY right click and add a border or something.  The adding a rectangle work around is very painful to do over and over and over.

Agree with @Lauree Schloss. The ability to add a simple border would be great. It’s absence hurts a bit.

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@Michael Weinraub & @Jamie Ambler & @Lauree Schloss :

Mhhhh … seems like a task for … and i think he could really handle this:

@Max Harper (hopefully Max you aren’t upset because I used your name - but it seems to me that you are the right person for this :relaxed: )

He is developer and has created different Apps for miro with his team.

Maybe one of you can contact him - but I think he will get a message, too.


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@Kiron Bondale   Not upset at all. 

@Michael Weinraub & @Jamie Ambler & @Lauree Schloss : I understand the pain point… I do this same work around all the time.  I just made a little bulk image-resizer plugin this week… perhaps this could be another tool on that plugin. 

Actually the auto-resizer might be helpful for some of these image framing use cases. 

Imagining a potential Miro plugin...

Capabilities : Things the plugin could do

  • put a rectangle object under every picture you’ve bulk/lasso selected
  • size control: allow a user to set the ‘% of image width’ for the frame size, so that you can control how wide and tall the background is relative to the image in front of it. 
  • color: assuming one uses the lasso select and the selection filter, one could down-select to all the shapes and then choose their own colors -- if this works fine, the plugin wouldn’t need to specify for you 

@Farbod Saraf @Anthony Roux 

  • the plugin would not be able to group the background rect with its respective foreground image.  this could pose a challenge when you want to: mass frame-ify, then mass-align → you’ll get all the images pushing up to the top of their frames … unless you go through them and individually group them … which kinda defeats the purpose of having the . 

@all → Would those capabilities and limitations of a plugin be suitable to people? 


The alternative I suppose would be to add to this desire to the Miro Wishlist.

Please, add border radius to allow us to create images inside a circle.


The solution proposed don’t works with circles 😜



Many thanks in advanced

I literally just submitted this feature request this would make my projects SO MUCH easier!

When I import an image from Sketch/Figma etc. it usually has a white background already. So when I paste it on to Miro’s white background, you loose the boundaries of the image. 

Yes, you can do that workaround of putting a no fill rectangle around the image but there are a few pain points there - 

  • You likely need to group them so that it makes them easier to move around
  • If you group them for ease, then every time you want to replace the image, you need to ungroup
  • If you replace the image with a diff size image, then you have to edit the rectangle shape each time
  • The rectangle or the image has to be “in-front” or “behind” one of the other, making it hard to select the behind object to then edit


If you are putting in tens to hundreds of images, this is extensive amount of work.

So far, I have been using the workaround of changing the miro artboard’s background to just slightly gray so that you can see the edges of the white image pasted in. But I wish I could have a clean white background.