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  • 25 November 2021
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As an administrator, I don't need a license to manage the users and licenses. I think it very strange that MIRO does not have this function. Now we can only assign one admin users, a general account (witch is not safe and wishful for a company) because every account needs a license and it is kind of stupid to pay for multiple license for admin users that don't even use MIRO it self. If also the admin want to use Miro, then of course you should be able to assign a license yourself. 
A good process would would be to have a button that says, create admin users without license or to use the “add user” and then as next step, decide to add a license or not and then select a role for that user (member or admin)

3 replies

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@Marv - Depending on your plan/subscription type, this may apply to you (source: Admin Rights Help Center article, FAQ #4):


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Miro should do a better job at explaining this - perhaps on the team profile Billing page. 

hi @Robert Johnson thank you for your reply.
My request has nothing to do with billing. I simply want to manage our multiple account as an admin, but as an admin without my admin to have a need for a payed license , because I don’t use Miro myself for my work.