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Many fields using Miro are involved in the creation of 3D content such as industrial designers, artists, architects, etc. Having a way to embed 3D models within a Miro board would be very helpful to many professions.

The GLFT format has become more standard for sharing 3D geometry and scenes. It has been described as the “JPEG of 3D” for its efficient and interoperability between platforms. It is open-source: GLTF files are viewable natively in Facebook, Chrome, etc.


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My team and I would love to see support for 3D models as well (GLTF and maybe even OBJ). At least support the generation of thumbnails from uploading a 3D model file to the board, so users can download it themselves. 

Perhaps later, a special menu action to open the 3D file in a separate 3D viewer. 

Yes we would love to see this as well. GLB, GLTF, STL would be very useful. And USDZ for Apple users :P 

I’d love to see this as well. For implementation, I can highly recommend looking into model-viewer, an open source project driven forward and maintained by Google, that makes adding GLB as simple as adding a “model-viewer” html tag and specifying a source. We’re using that very successfully for our own website and client projects.

I would use 3D pics for working as a coach with a virtual systemic board. It is important to give figures a direction (where are they looking eg.) and to move them around. Thx!

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I’m guessing supporting 3D content would require supporting WebGL or CSS3D on the Miro board, which I would love to see.  

We often create 360 imagery.  When I try to add the image to Miro as a 360 that you can spin around inside of it tells me that I need an HTML5 Browser with WebGL or CSS3D support.

Hi All, 

My company makes a SAAS software for maintaining your 3d products and adding them to your site as interactive configurators etc, etc

I just started using Miro and was thinking it would be great to be able to add a 3d model base don some sort of integration (or embed it from our app) and add comments to it, like tags (hotspots) and those comments would appear in Miro as comments in the board which you can discuss with your colleagues in Miro,

For now, I just embedded one product using the iframe option, you can see that board here.

my vision would be something much more integrated than this of course.

I did not get around to studying the development docs yet to see what's possible with making a marketplace app for such things but I will.

Happy to bounce some ideas around about this

Click the link to see the example i made it public

Any updates on this, Miro?

We would love to see 3D formats like Rhino Files supported!

Yes, any updates on this or workarounds?

This would be great! I regularly use Miro as a whiteboard/ideas place to sketch out ideas with teammates. Some 3D content integration would be much appreciated as a way to help us form ideas.

SketchUp seems t be a more efficient 3D modeler than Rhino and would be an excellent platform for 3D models for embedding in MIRO. Anyone developing that?