Explore Template Feedback and Comments in Miroverse!

  • 22 November 2023
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Hello community 👋

You've already been redefining collaboration by sharing your amazing templates, and now with Template Feedback and Comments, we're helping you to take engagement to the next level.



Here's what you need to know:

  • Template Feedback - Share your feedback effortlessly: Help others discover the best templates by tagging them with their positive qualities. Your input will guide users towards the most useful templates and empower the community to create their best work.
  • Comments - Start discussions and collaborate: Share your thoughts, ask questions, or highlight issues on templates to ignite collaborative conversations. Experience the true power of a connected and supportive community.
  • Feedback Requests - Crowdsource invaluable insights: Easily find recently used templates from your Miroverse profile, primed for your valuable feedback. Continuously improve your creations by inviting users to share their thoughts.

🙏 A special thank you to our early access testers for all your feedback and helping us to get to this stage! Annie, Ilya, Laura, Stefan, Chris, @Robert Johnson, @Véronique Carbonneau, @Indra Kusuma, Lucia, @Clyde D'Souza, @Yuval Eitan, Lucas, @Sara Parra Aguirre, Dave, and Karim!

1 reply

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Hey everyone 👋 Just popping in to let everyone know that we are now out of Beta. The templates feedback and comments feature is now Generally Available (GA) to everyone with a Miroverse profile

While the Beta period may be over, we value your ongoing feedback, so please feel free to reach out with any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions you may have. It’s always appreciated.