Everything You Need to Know: Distributed '23 Product Recap

  • 26 October 2023
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Everything You Need to Know: Distributed '23 Product Recap
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Miro Community! 


Distributed '23 may be over but we’re still buzzing over some of the latest product innovations shared at our largest global community event! There's a lot to look forward to here at Miro and we’re just getting started. Here's a recap of some of our exciting product updates: 

Miro Assist

  1. We're expanding our AI capabilities with Miro Assist, which will serve as a thought partner that uses the context of a board to help you work even faster.
  2. Uncover valuable insights from brainstorms, retrospectives, and planning sessions, automatically draft presentations, create action item lists, and more using Miro Assist available in public beta starting on November 1st, 2023. 

✍️ Diagramming Enhancements and Integrations ✍️

  1. Using Miro Assist, you will be able to quickly build a sequence diagram and map out an entire process by simply describing it in a sentence.
  2. We've integrated Draw.io into Miro, allowing you to utilize advanced features such as layers, tags, smart containers, auto-layout, rulers, custom guides, and access to more than 50 shape packs.
  3. Our cloud visualization capabilities are expanding to include Salesforce. Plus, we're updating the existing shape packs - which include Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS - to meet the latest cloud architecture offers. 
  4. We’ve expanded our offering with AWS with pre-built shape packs to simplify the collaborative approach to architecture management. 
  5. Coming soon: the AWS Cost Calculator App! Built on the Miro developer platform to help teams optimize spending more effectively. Check back here for more details.

📹 Talktrack 📹

  1. Talktrack is now available to all customers! As asynchronous ways of working are becoming increasingly popular, Talktrack supports async meetings and workshops.
  2. Talktrack Reactions: New from Talktrack, this feature allows users to add emoji reactions and share feedback during a Talktrack session. These reactions are saved for anyone watching the recording, and content creators can view the reactions from previous viewers. Available on November 30th.
  3. Join the community conversation with the Talktrack Challenge! Get creative and create a Talktrack over a Miro board on a topic of your choosing. Enter here for a chance to win prizes valued up to $500!

💪 Product Development Workflows 💪

  1. We've updated our integration with Azure DevOps, making it faster and easier to search, import and edit work items on Miro. Our quarterly planning features, Planner and Dependencies App, will also be available for Azure DevOps users starting on November 13th, 2023. 
  2. We've made tracking the progress of real-time status updates better! Use systems like Jira to eliminate the complexities of managing dependencies and elevate the overall planning process experience. 

We’re excited for you to explore these new features and integrations, test them out, and share your feedback with us. Together, we're building a Miro that we hope empowers you to innovate and create the next big thing!


💬 Which of these updates are you the most excited to try out? Let us know in the comments below!


Watch Distributed ‘23 On-Demand for the best tips, demos, and best practices from experts to view at your own pace.

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