Create diagrams more easily and faster, switch type for diagramming

  • 6 October 2022
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Hello everyone,

Creating and editing diagram shapes has never been easier.

Switch between any shape from the same family, insert new shapes on lines between objects with ease, or add shapes when drawing lines — all right on the board from where you’re working. 

You can now:

  • Add an additional shape on the line between two existing shapes

  • Add an additional shape when drawing a line from a shape

  • Switch shapes that are on the board to a different shape from the same family


For more information visit the Help Center.

Happy diagramming!


6 replies

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Nice, this is really helpful! 👌

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@Turner Pijpers - Fantastic!

If you’re looking for the next item on the diagramming backlog, how about inheriting the space between the parent and grandparents objects?

For example →

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@Turner Pijpers - I am noticing the default space between diagram shapes has been reduced. Thanks, team! 🙌

(Solved) Why is this feature is not available for me?

If some one have the same doubt: If I select a basic shape it doesn’t let me change to a diagramming one (even if it’s the same shape).

Is there a plan to allow switching between shape families? e.g. from Rectangle (Basic Shape) to Document (Flowchart)

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@Turner Pijpers - Are you able to shed some light on whether or not there is a Circuit Diagramming shape pack in Miro? Please see this post for more details: