What are your hobbies outside of work?

  • 6 March 2020
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Hiya! :hand_splayed:

Since @SpartanGomez and @Stephanie Nakano already shared their passion for gaming in the past, I thought it would be cool to know each other a bit better.

What're your hobbies apart of the primary career? What do you like the most?


As for myself, I’ve been deejaying since 2006 and making the music events for the last eight years. Under these circumstances, I brought more than 30 international artists to Russia and built an active community of 11,000 music lovers — 170bpm.ru.


As strange as it may sound, I spent about the same time to learn how the human body works, so I usually handle the support role for my colleagues and friends if they need advice on training or nutrition. My latest love is surfing and at the moment I’m working on my project to help people to prepare themselves for this beautiful type of physical activity.


Looking forward to hearing your stories behind the job :)

8 replies

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Retired, but woodworking has been a hobby for years.  I do like to play chess, so boards made from wood I’ve bought, as well as wood I’ve found on my walks (spalted Oak frame here), is fun. And, I’ve made most of the furniture in my house, too.

I do live in a very pretty area of NW Arkansas, with lots of nature. So, photography opportunities are abundant.



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@ArkyBoy damn, these boards look fantastic! :heart_eyes: Why did you decide to retire?

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@Oleg K thank you.  That’s very kind.  As for retirement, old age and near blindness does it every time.


….but, I still have all 10 fingers!! :heart_eyes:

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@Oleg K where do you surf? I have a younger brother who DJs in the Tampa area of Florida.  Sounds like you and he would really hit it off.  I was a DJ in a different era….radio announcer for 20+ years. I can’t stick an MP3 file in here, or I’d attach a sample.

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@ArkyBoy depends on the season — usually it’s Sri Lanka / Bali during the winter and spring, and France / Spain / Portugal later on the fall. Not sure when I’ll be able to surf next time because of the current situation :/ Hopefully someday I could go to Florida!


PS. I prefer good old vinyl :)


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Keeping the theme of music :smile:

I recently got a Cello, and it has been fantastic! I’ve always wanted to learn and as a longtime guitarist I know the basics. Getting used to using a bow in the right hand has been the challenge.

Absolutely beautiful instrument to play tho :violin:

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Wow - a lot more creative folks than me here :smile: !

In no particular order, I spend my non-working/non-sleeping/non-eating time:

  • working out - I miss my gym, but have enough exercise bands and free weights in my basement to remain somewhat fit. This is important because I love…
  • baking - cookies, cakes and brownies, mostly
  • blogging - been doing it weekly since 2009 so I suppose that counts as a hobby
  • playing pool - usually with my kid as he’s home from university, but otherwise with a nearby buddy
  • reading - starting to wade through The Witcher series (translated into English, not the original!)
  • Netflix

If there weren’t restrictions in place, I’d add golf and visiting wineries to the list above :sob:


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We got people here with super cool backgrounds! :smile:

I recently graduated college and I’m looking for full-time work, but the seasonal work I’ve done for the past seven years primarily involves helping people, providing a top-notch experience to customers to ensure they walk away happier than when they came!

Outside of work, I like to write (journal), read, spend time with family, cook, and bake.

You can find me smashing burgers on the cast iron :hamburger: , dipping warm chocolate chip cookies in milk :cookie::milk:, or slicing into a home-made loaf of sourdough bread! And I just started making pizza not so long ago, too! :pizza: