We have just completed a digital book fair on Miro

  • 21 September 2020
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As the Istanbul Literature House, we have completed our first digital Book Fair using Miro's unique features. It was our only second fair of independent publishers but, due to the pandemic, we weren't able to organize it in a physical space. Then we discovered Miro and started to think if it was possible to use its features to set up a digital space where publishing houses could open their stands, just like in a real fair. And it worked out beautifully. Each publishing house was able to work independently on the board, some of them prepared amazingly designed stands. We also organized 36 video events on Zoom and YouTube in nine days. Our Miro space became a place where people could see the programme (by turning the pages of a giant, pdf, booklet), find out the links of the upcoming events, watch the videos of previous events and visit each publishing houses stands to discover and buy some books.

The fair has ended now, but we are keeping the board open for a second week. Instead of showcasing the programme on the "main square", we are showcasing the videos of all our events. The stands of the publishing houses are still open: 


Although there have been some expected limitations, especially in terms of design, we are delighted with the experience. We have heard that it gave ideas to many who visited our space. We have even been told that the traditional venue for the Istanbul Book Fair regretted cancelling this year's fair in November. 

Please visit our space and tells us what you think! Any ideas for next time will also be greatly appreciated!

Best wishes,

Özgün from Kıraathane Istanbul Literature House.

3 replies

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Hi @Istanbul Literature House,

Thank you for sharing this amazing story!

I’m afraid the board is no longer available. Maybe you can set it to view only so that we can see your work? Or at least to add some screenshots of your board :relaxed:


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Dear Marina,

We have changed back the settings to view only! I’m also adding a picture with shows the layout of the board at the beginning of the fair -- with the pdf brochure of the fair in the middle, a “How to navigate” video on the upper left corner, the daily program of Zoom and YouTube activities on the left, videos of those events on the right. After fair ended on September 20th, we turned the centre of the board to an archive of all the videos recorded during the fair and kept the space open for a second week.




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Hi @Istanbul Literature House ! 


McCall from Miro here. 


I sent you an email!