Wait, can you make eye contact on video calls?

  • 15 March 2022
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Ummm are you supposed to look at the person on the screen? Are you supposed to stare into the camera?….


During the body language event today, we talked about how important facial expressions are on video calls because we can’t see the body of the person across from us. Even hand gestures are a different thing on video, so the face does the talking - literally and figuratively. Plus, eye contact is important to show someone that you’re listening to them and you care about what they’re sharing. But how do you do it?


I find that if someone consistently looks at one part of their screen, it’s clear to me that they’re focused on me and we’re connected. I do the same - but I tend to put my video on the left side of my screen and notes on the right, so my head is slightly turned to the left when I’m talking to someone on video. Also, I’ll say it - it’s so obvious when someone keeps looking at themselves on video…it’s brutal but we all do it!


So, what do you think? How can you make eye contact on video calls?

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