📸 Share photos or videos of your hybrid set-up

  • 24 November 2021
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Hey Miro Community! 

We’d love to see photos or videos of how you are experimenting with various hybrid set ups, whether for workshops, meetings, or team hub spaces -- in a formal office or otherwise. 

If you’d like to add some pointers and lessons learned, I’m sure others would appreciate that as well. Some questions to jumpstart the discussion:

  1. Share your photos! Describe the set up. How many people were joining in-person? Remotely? What was the main reason for the session? 
  2. How did you set up your Miro board for people to participate and engage? Were most people familiar with Miro already?
  3. What other tools did you use?
  4. Describe how facilitation and meeting skills contributed to the session / collaboration.
  5. Any learnings after the session happened? 

We’re looking to learn from you all as we’re building out our company and product strategy here.

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