Monthly Community Roundup: International Women’s Day, best retro templates, and more

  • 9 March 2022
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Hello out there! :sunglasses:

Anna here, your Community Manager.


I’m excited to launch our new Monthly Community Roundups — every month, we’ll gather the best templates, events, and tips from the world of Miro! 


Miroverse Challenge: Womxn at Work 

To celebrate the International Women’s Day, we are launching our first-ever challenge honoring women’s rights, women’s history, and workplace equality. We invite you to submit templates that forge inclusive work cultures where women's careers thrive and their achievements are celebrated.

Are you working up to subject matter expertise and dreaming of being published in Miroverse — but aren't super confident with design? Match with experienced Miroverse creators to collaborate on a template together.


Overheard in Miro Community

  • Tips & tricks for using Miro as a project planning tool: In the forum, we are crowdsourcing best practices for project managers. Join @Lars09, @Richard Kasperowski, @Kiron Bondale, @Annie, @Paul Snedden, and @Ruslan Antipov and share your favorite features and boards. 

  • Proven ways to introduce Miro to a new team: Wondering how to onboard your peers if they’re new to visual collaboration? Check out our new Miro Communications Kit and learn from the Miro Community members sharing their favorite templates (shout out to @Gearoid  for starting this thread!).

  • Essential Miro features for remote workshops: Miro experts from AJ&Smart created a short and super practical video tutorial for anyone who wants to make their meetings and workshops more engaging. 


Best templates to reflect on the past 

This month, we salute four amazing creators who added new retrospective templates to Miroverse.


Miro community workshops to connect, collaborate, and learn


March 22 at 17:30 CET

Miro Games with Said Saddouk

You may know @Said Saddouk from all his amazing MiroArt. And now he has designed an exciting game in Miro. Join us to see the game in action.  There will be two main players, and the whole audience can participate.

Save your seat


March 24 at 17:30 CET

Building Blocks of Brand: Starting with Why with Joe Caplin 

Outfly is continuing their series of Miro masterclasses on how to build a brand, and this workshop will help you to define the vision of your company — an essential part of building a strong team and brand. Unify your vision, clarify your message, and create something strong. 

Sign up 


March 30, at 5pm CET

Problem Framing Workshop with Philip Wallage

Whether you're planning a Design Sprint ordefining your OKRs for next quarter, knowing how to run a Problem Framing workshop is a powerful skill.

Join @Philip Wallage to:

  • Learn how to identify and communicate the problem

  • Clarify what the expected outcomes are

  • Help your stakeholders align and make better decisions

Sign up here


What is your highlight from Miro Community last month? Drop your fave templates, insightful forum discussions, tips & tricks in the thread below! 


Cheers to co-creating, 

Anna & the Miro Community Team


1 reply

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I’ve been geeking out over @pedro segreto’s new masterpiece: The Purpose Map