Meet our Community Moderators!

  • 11 December 2020
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Hi Miro Community, 

Happy to share with all of you that we are lucky to have two awesome Moderators in our online community! I’m sure you already know them, but it’s time to announce this officially. 

Please give a warm welcome to: 

:dizzy:  @Kiron Bondale 
:dizzy:  @Robert Johnson 


Robert and Kiron, a huge shout-out to both of you for your dedication and willingness to help and support our Miro Community :clap_tone2::clap_tone2::clap_tone2:


Become a Product Advisor too! Are you a resident Miro whiz? Love helping people find solutions to their challenges? You might be the next official Miro Community Moderator. Fill out this simple form and get ready to level up your Miro Product skills and help others do the same.


2 replies

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Thanks @Marina - supporting fellow Miro users in this community has been an enjoyable experience this year!

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Thank you to you both, @Kiron Bondale and @Robert Johnson. Your work for the community is inspiring!