Maximize photo in boards

  • 29 May 2023
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It would be really fun if we can view a separate tab or maximize the photos/pictures of the people working in the board. Just for fun :D

1 reply

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@Karl Manibo - This is sounding like a Wish List idea for a new feature. If so, could you please further explain? Screenshots can help too. Here are a few guidelines:

✨Explain your idea fully and clearly, add as many details as possible. Make sure to answer the following questions in the description:

  • What is your use case? 
  • What problem are you trying to solve? 
  • Is it a critical feature that blocks you from working in Miro and being productive, or is it a nice to have feature?
  • What is a possible solution for you?

As I read your post, the idea seems to be this?