Is anyone creating a capability map in Miro? I would like to get in contact with you!

  • 18 October 2022
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Our thoughts and ideas!

Understanding where changes affect the organisation is key to a successful product or service development.

We have created a method called the Milky Way, which combines product (value stream), capability (what we do), systems or tools (what we need to be able to do) and information in one map.
3 min intro:

It requires that an organisation invest time in understanding what they are doing = created a map. We have created a Miroverse template for that:

We have also created a Miro Tool to export the data to Airtable, where we further can create more details data for onboarding. And some things in Miro as Layers :-)

Not for everyone. But if you invest the time, it will pay off. And yes, there is a book as well:

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