Could Miro community be built on Miro itself?

  • 9 July 2020
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Hi @Marina and fellows, I’m wondering if the Miro community could be built on Miro itself? Curious to hear your and others’ thoughts on this. 

4 replies

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Hi @Dariha Erketaeva, interesting idea! :smiley_cat:
Can you please share how you imagine such a community board?

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Hi @Marina, I’m imagining that building and managing a community on Miro could be possible. I’ll be experimenting in the coming months and happy to share my experience later. Very open and happy to brainstorm with fellow members if anyone is on a similar journey ;)

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@Dariha Erketaeva -

This is a very cool idea and would be a great way to test the performance and scalability of Miro. One way to structure it would be to use the mind map capability perhaps combined with Kanban boards for major categories…


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It could also be a very cool way to do some teambuilding or just a hangout for the community :)