Brainstorming on info architect and content structures

  • 30 April 2020
  • 2 replies

I’m looking for practical tips on how to plan a live design session for brainstorming about info architect and content structures. Anyone has experience doing similar workshops in Miro?

2 replies

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@Katalin Bodi,

Can you describe a bit more of what you thinking about what you like to do in your workshops.

What would you like to show or teach your participants?



Hey Katalin, such a great question!

We actually have some helpful tips on brainstorming coming soon to the website.

In the interim, I recommend checking out this webinar on running remote workshops, led by our Head of Customer Education and Product Marketing Manager. 

Finally, my big pro-tips are to take advantage of a combination of certain features:

  • Frames: set up frames around your board so that attendees feel like they have a dedicated workspace for the brainstorm. You can share links to specific frames so that folks don’t have to search around the board.
  • Timer: timebox every activity! 
  • Templates: we have several templates dedicated to brainstorming, under the sections: “Meetings + Workshops” and “Ideation + Brainstorming”. Put your template in a frame and once it is ready, lock down any pieces that you don’t want moved or edited.

Lastly, I recommend using ice breakers to get the creative juices flowing while teaching folks to use the Miro board. Make sure to consider the level of comfort do your attendees have with Miro/digital tools in general. Moving a dot around the board is an easier task for a new user than, for example, finding an image in the Google search feature and adding it to the board.


Would love to hear how it goes!