3D places and spaces in Miro

  • 11 March 2021
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I’ve been inspired by the work of Team @Hued and some other designers/users on Miro where the Miro space is made 3 dimensional. So I have decided to try this for myself. Man, it takes a bit work! I certainly have to configure myself to think of depth and perspectives.

For the record, I’m using vector art in .svg to reduce size.

If you have been trying this way of building Miro, share your own creation in the comments!


My inspiration:



PS. I have very limited artistic bones in me!


4 replies

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@Isman Tanuri This is so awsome - i wish i had nearly a graphical talent like you did.

It’s always inspiring to see your boards and this boards are like an eyecandy … i’d like to have more of it ...:chocolate_bar::lollipop:

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Thank you, @mlanders! Taking baby steps, and lots of trial and errors. Not easy to think like a designer (which i’m not) :)

Will share more in the future!

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Nice @Isman Tanuri 

We made several on Miro or Mural. You can have a look on https://www.virtualworkshop.design/

Here our latest on miro : a “Ketih haring” museum.



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Thank you for the share, @Jeremy Jodeau, love it! And I can see from the screenshot, it’s a part of a larger piece of work, very cool.

Certainly reminds me of Elevator Action https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elevator_Action