Systemic Consensus Voting


I've seen other people talking about the need of a Voting that not necessarily represent the “winner”, but finds the Least Resistance Path. It would be good if we have that choice as a voting type for Systemic Consensus Voting, but while we don't have this, it would be nice to at least have the following:

At the moment, when starting a voting session there is a maximum of 20 votes allowed per person. It would be great if you could change that maximum allowed votes or perhaps even better would be calculate the maximum based on the number of widgets selected?

In Systemic Consensus Voting, the scale goes from 0 – 10. So if voting for sticky notes in one selected area, the system could automatically allow 10 x the number of sticky-notes selected. Another important thing to note is that people should not be allowed to assign more than 10 per widget, so that could be another setting of the plugin: "Max votes per widget”. And last but not least, if widget received no votes it should still be present in the final summary or calculation as it represents 0 - The least resistance. In fact, not only during the summary. All the items in the selected area should be there. 


PS: I also voted up the “Persisting the results of Voting session” which is invaluable in my opinion.




Your description sounds a lot like the Sociocracy -concept of consent decision making. There is a body of work around this approach. To summarize the approach, the goal is to find an acceptable decision for everyone involved. We all may have different preferences, but it’s highly likely that one of the approaches is acceptable to all that are involved in the decision. 

Having tool assistance for consent would be great, as facilitating a larger set of options across a larger set of decision makers can be time consuming.

Generally the concepts of consent and consensus are distinct. Consensus is typically seen as meaning something like “a process of finding the alternative that is preferred by all” whereas consent is “a process of finding an alternative acceptable by all.” 

If possible, I’d change the label “Systemic Consensus Voting” to “(Systemic) Consent Voting.”

Hi @Petri Aukia,

Thank you so much for the link references provided. Very informative, indeed. I believe it does refer to the same principle.

Thank you for your support.