Subscript/Superscript and Greek alphabet

My husband and I both make extensive use of Miro in our teaching of science and maths. We’d both love a subscript and superscript option within the text tool to simplify teacher and student use of formulae and units of measurement e.g. allowing users to quickly type ‘m/s2’ for acceleration with the ‘2’ as superscript. ALSO, Greek alphabet would be a great addition! Thanks, Miro - you make teaching and learning fun!

@Zoe - Do add you vote to your own idea :wink:

I am also looking for an answer to this issue. Since there are so many new features included there must be a way to be introduced. 

This is very basic feature that Miro lacks... Miro please add this.

You can do this in a work around. You have to add the keyboard in your chosen language to your computer. For example, on my mac, I added Greek. Then I just switch to Greek and type text. Easy.