Share part of a board

It would be really great if I could share parts of a board. maybe put a Giant frame around other frames and only share that frame to certain people. Some people would have full board access but some would only need certain parts. Each frame you could decide if it should be visible to each person or all...

Yup, this is what I need as an educator with students accessing many different parts of a board.

I want to have permission settings per frame on the board. This would be useful if I want everyone to be able to VIEW my embedded Google Slide or collaboratively add content to a frame.


Then on another frame, I could make it so only certain students have access to edit the content within that frame.

Furthermore, if I could make it so even guests cannot see the content of that student’s private frame, that would be very powerful for us.

I didn’t even realize I wanted this!

For the time being you could use Zapier to achieve a similar outcome. You could send the contents of a board to all the students or relevant parties and they could just work within those spaces without affecting the master board as Zapier is unidirectional. It might take several Zaps but could be a suitable workaround until a similar feature is automated. 

Yep! would love to have that. When with clients you have an obeya (big broad board) to share with you team mates, and you need areas to be visible or to do some facilitation with your client.