Ruler/Guides + Frame Dimensions

In order to create presentations that work to print directly from Miro I need to be able to control the exact size of each frame. I like working with 4’x8’ pin up boards in real life and would love to replicate them here not just guess at the size.

I also would love to have a simple guide/ruler on the top and bottom (similar to every adobe program) which scales as you zoom in and out on the whiteboard. This would help give some form of scale to the infinite pin up space.

More and more architects are using this product and these would be extremely helpful features.

Tio add to the above:


A simple X, Y ruler would be great!


As Miro is almost infinitely zoomable. simple zooming could go all the way from nanometers (chemistry/physics)  to micrometers (microsystems engineering) to milimetres/cm (normal page layouts) to metres (architecture) to km (Geographers).


Being able to design blocks and move them around together at the required scale for your domain would be like and adult version of kids sitting with Lego.


It would also help if we could have a denser grid arrangement.


Some reference to scale would be welcome.  Miro lens towards being resolution agnostic, which is awesome, unless you need to export a presentation. 

I can set the frame size when I create it, but it feels very limited, and it is difficult to determine what scale you are working at.

Agree, some scale control would be nice. I use my boards with my students and it’s very difficult to measure frame and image sizes with sticky notes. Some boards appear too large, others too small .. you never know... 

@Agustin Varela the ‘zoom to’ function in the right bottom corner helps you jump back to 100% and in that case I attached two pictures how you see the frame’s exact size.

When you click on a sticky note on the menu there’s a ‘size’ option and you can choose from ‘S’, ‘M’, or ‘L’ sizes.


Thanks @Tamas Ver !

Ability to see Rulers, Guidelines, or SCALE objects or multiple objects with a pop up dimension box. Ie Select multiple objects and scale both to be  8x 11, or 11 x17

As a graphic and UX designer, it would be amazing to have guides in miro besides just the smart guides! Smart guides are great, but sometimes when I’m making complex templates nothing beats the ability to pull a guide from the ruler - similar to photoshop or sketch.