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Now it’s not possible to get project link. You can add and invite member but you can’t just copy and send direct  link to the project.

Another usecase - we need to save project links in our tasktracker.

Yes - for documentation reasons we need links to projects - otherwise you would have to add a link for every single board - which is very annoying and laborsome.

I’d like to bookmark (and share the bookmark) for the members on my team to start in Miro in our project.


Without this, team members forget and unless they navigate to the Project, first, the board gets the wrong permissions.


It would be great to be able to make the right thing the easy thing.

Seriously. I need to link from our wiki to a set of drawings in Miro, and I can’t.

This is wrong. The web is all about URLs.

Please fix this.

It seems to be that the best thing to do would be to replace Projects with Tags and let us link to a group of drawings by specifying a tag in the URL. With multiple tags per drawing, we can have as many dimensions of categorization as we like.


Seriously. I need to link from our wiki to a set of drawings in Miro, and I can’t.

This is wrong. The web is all about URLs.

Please fix this.

nothing to ad to this one, supported!

(how come you are producing the - by far - most powerful collab web-software solution available to date, with a stunning user experience inside(!) but you come with a broken (by design, if you ask me) administative surrounding when it comes to projects and files? revamp this please, you confuse us - make a community project and ask them to deliver wireframes if you have question marks on this.)

Yep, our organisation has a huge team with over 100 projects and I have to search through every time to find the one I need - please add a feature to link to a specific project’s dashboard so I can bookmark it!

A workaround is to copy the link in the invite email sent to one of your team members. 

A workaround is to copy the link in the invite email sent to one of your team members. 

So the link actually exists? 


How hard is it to give us a copy link button then . . .

It would be amazing to be able to copy a link to a project or team space on Miro. We often use it as a repository of templates or examples, e.g. one ‘project’ is full of examples of kick-off workshops.

Being able to link to this project from our knowledge hub in Notion (where all our other kick-off resources are stored or linked out to from) would mean that users are easily able to find all boards relating to kick-offs, including any new ones which are created in future. Using specific board links is not suitable here, and we have hundreds of boards across multiple team areas in Miro - so it’s a total minefield if you don’t know where to look and can’t be given a specific link.


This would be so useful when working on several projects at once just to be able to bookmark a link to each project.

Agree - its very cumbersome to ask folks to search for a project if there are a collection of boards grouped in a project with new ones being added. Defeats the usability of groups.

This worked for me:

The space id and project id can be found in the project invite email.

This worked for me:

The space id and project id can be found in the project invite email.

I was unable to get the project id like how you wrote because there is no way to invite someone to a project (only possible way is to invite someone to team and then add them to project). Could you please let me how you got the project id?

One other way I found is to use chrome dev tools.

  1. First got to your project page where it shows the boards in that project.
  2. Then open developer tools
  3. Click on the project name so it brings up the popup to add boards or members
  4. Check back in developer tools, network tab, look for the api that has “/user-connections?”
  5. The url in that api will have the account number (spaceId) and the projectId


Love the creativity of that solutionbut thats not a solution not-technical folks can use - At least at our company, Miro is used more by non-development folks -e.g. marketing, user acquisition flows, editorial workflows, ideation etc

Just piling on and adding that this would indeed be a very useful feature! Please add it

I’d like to add to the above comments on utility of Miro projects. We use Miro Projects extensively to organise boards and use Microsoft teams as the central place for project teams. It would therefore be great to be able to embed a Miro project into Teams (as an option to the current ability to embed a single Miro board in Teams). This would simplify admin for everyone (i.e. not have to add a new board to Microsoft Teams every time it’s added to the Miro project) and make it much easier for project team members to navigate to the relevant board. Thanks

The inability to link directly Miro projects makes incredibly hard to do any kind of project-wide document management. I need to be able to create a project and link that to any documentation, resource, task, or else I’m writing as a reference.

It’s even more annoying because reading from the above the URL already exists at a code level, and would thus just need a single call to:


As all of the above. Being able to link to the top level of a project is incredibly useful and saves a lot of time when trying to onboard team members. the links are obviously there in the background. Please make this a feature ASAP to drastically increase the usability of miro for large orgs/teams. I speak for everyone in my org on this one.

+1. We also need the ability to link to the top level of a Team. We have Teams created for each course that a students is on - they may be on lots of courses, and each course would like to be able to provide students with a quick link that will take them directly to the boards for that course (ie the Team dashboard).

Request again here

There are multiple requests for this feature.

Is it on the roadmap?


Linking my team directly to the dashboard (like I can in Figma) would be very useful. Launching straight to the project dashboard view would be something me and my team would use frequently.

We use multiple Slack project channels bookmark links.

It’s already been said in multiple ways, but this is table stakes. Please include this fundamental functionality.